Thursday, January 29, 2009


Seinfeld just finished downloading yesterday. I put each season in folders and stuff. It's pretty awesome, now when I'm bored which is "every second of every day" I can just watch some seinfeld.

Party tomorrow!

Monday, January 26, 2009

I can't stop listening to Blink 182.

Josh gave me this shirt ^
I haven't done anything the past few days.
The party here this friday is the only thing going on this week,
so I'll be doing alot of sitting around and posting silly shit.
Unless you give me something to do?!

Friday, January 23, 2009

This song is awesome

Don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head

I went to Melrose to see Vanna tonight with Devin, Black Metal, and Bainter. I had a pretty good time, Josh and Jocelyn were there and I spent most of the time hanging out with them. Vanna played a short set which I was bummed about but they played a few new songs and they sounded awesome.

I said I'd post some drawings in here but the last couple of days I've been way too lazy to find a working scanner. I will probably do that tomorrow, I have nothing else to do. You'd think I would be going crazy or feel useless because I don't work and don't do anything but I don't. I would like a part-time job though. Or even a full time job, I have nothing else to do and could be making money with my time, so maybe I'll look for a job. I hate working more than anything though, so maybe I won't.

About %90 of all current bands really, really suck. There hasn't been a new band that I've been excited about in like 4 years. The last band I remember hearing for the first time and being really excited about is Set Your Goals when they had their first demo out. Kids need to stop starting shitty bands. Just step back and think for a second, ask yourself if you really have it in you to write GOOD music because the answer is most likely no. I don't understand how these bands write the songs they do, and say "Yeah that's good, let's record it and put out a record. It'll do good" whatever.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fuck it

Michale Graves era Misfits is better than Danzig era.... Yup. Fuck you Jason. And Samhain sucks and Danzig 1 and 2 are his worst cd's. No but really, I think the Michale Graves thing is true.

Today I went to the mall with TT, Sas and Dave. Good time, TT spent $80 on tea. Tea. $80. Yes. After the mall I went to Little Jon's basketball game with Jack, Bubby, Sas, Dave, TT, Sick, and Bob. That was hilarious. The whole time we were screaming, jumping around cheering, going nuts for Little. It was awesome.

We also watched Pineapple Express tonight, and that was pretty funny. I was expecting to be let down for some reason but James Franco was fucking hilarious in that. He played his role really good. It's not too hard to play a stoner retard, but he did it better than anyone I've seen try.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Vanna with Devin. That should be fun, I haven't seen them in a long time.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I remember a couple years ago when the complete Seinfeld boxset came out, it was $200. I had it in my left hand and had $200 in my right hand. I didn't buy it and it has since been the biggest regret in my entire life...

Just a few minutes ago I realized, I can download it. Fuck yes. I'm a fucking genius for thinking of doing this. It's 30 gigs, but it's well worth it.

I can't wait. It is seriously the best thing ever shown on television.

oh cool new president.... shut up

Who gives a shit? Not me. But I don't really give a shit about anything so whatever. Jason and Rendini say I'm a true nihilist, and that's the name of the new Hope Conspiracy e.p. Sweeeettt.

Bring Me The Horizon - Suicide Season...

I really wish more of my friends were into them. They are seriously one of the best bands going right now. Earth Crisis, Set Your Goals and Bring Me The Horizon are the only bands I actually care about. That cd though, is so much different from their older cd's. Alot catchier and less death metalish or deathcore or whatever retarded thing it was called. I love their older cd's still, but this blows them away. They are also one of the tightest bands live I've ever seen. I even got Dan Mancini to bob his head to it, that to me seems like quite the feat.

I should have some rough, pencil and pen drawings posted sometime tomorrow. I feel like I didn't learn a damn thing about photoshop or illustrator in school. I need to use the programs and re-teach myself how to use them. I have photoshop, I just need illustrator. Once I get that down I can make so many more designs and actually make an attempt at making some money off of them. Cool.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Why aren't shows this good anymore?

4/15 2003 Terror, Ramallah, Embrace Today
6/13 2003 Converge, Bleeding Through, Underoath
7/8 2003 Hope Conspiracy, Stretch Arm Strong, Norma Jean, Evergreen Terrace
9/13 2003 Bane, Mental, Striking Distance, The Promise, Comeback Kid
10/11 2003 Suicide File Last Show, Hope Conspiracy, The Promise
11/29 2003 Some Kind of Hate, Outbreak, Think I Care, The Distance
2/7 2004 Death Threat, Comeback Kid, Blacklisted, Black My Heart
7/10 2004 Agnostic Front, Most Precious Blood, With Honor
7/22 2004 Comeback Kid, Champion, Outbreak, Some Kind of Hate, Stand Accused, With Honor
11/6 2004 Bane, Mental, Righteous Jams, Some Kind of Hate, Stand Accused
2/11 2005 Strike Anywhere, With Honor, The Loved Ones
3/5 2005 Bane, Comeback Kid
3/16 2005 7Seconds, Champion

Bands suck now. Shows suck now, for the most part.

These are cool now.

Blink 182 is the best band ever.

Me and Roe have been writing some riffs and putting together some songs. Hopefully something happens with that. The new Earth Crisis is coming out in a couple months, I'm definitely more excited to hear this than anything else. Ever.

Here is my LastFm link -

I still don't have a job and I'm happy that way. I feel like a shit head just sitting around all day, drawing, playing video games and listening to music... but I feel like a way bigger shit head and worthless when I have a job, and work everyday. Life sucks either way. I do need money to finish my tattoos and to get more. I drew a possible chest piece that I will be posting once it's finished.

Blink 182 is still the best band ever.